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Some people can say I started my week with a “Case of the Monday’s”. I have been struggling with some pretty life changing decisions with hopes of Warren and I to do well. The last few weeks have been a little tough to say the least. Such is Life! Something reminded me of our Wedding Day.

With this fall approaching fast. What are Warren and I going to do on our anniversary? It seems living in the North East and finding stable income would be easy.

Such is Life! I remember that on our special day. Due to budget constraints and logistics issues. There was not enough time for speech’s. Thankfully my older sister always came through as promised.

For any interested readers. Let me share the wedding speech she wrote on my behalf. I love you Marie! I can’t wait to see Lexi, Brent and you soon!

As Yvonne’s older sister, I have had the pleasure of knowing Bonnie her whole life. Those that were actually there when she came into this world unanimously say the same thing. The first thing you noticed about Yvonne was her bright blue full of life beaming eyes. Little did anyone just know how much a foreshadow that would be of the passion and zest for the way she lives life, and the way she cares for those she loves in life. I would dare say those that know Yvonne may also use the word “determined” to describe her at times. My little sister doesn’t back down. One of her most admirable traits: when she believes in something, or someone, you can count on her to not only to be by you side, but to fight for you with all of her enormous heart. Anyone that knows Yvonne is truly blessed to have her in your corner. Well today, we are here to talk about a new light in her eyes, and a new determination. Warren, from the day you met Yvonne, she beamed when she spoke about you. Was it love at first sight for the two of you? Well I’m not sure about that, but I am sure that you have always challenged her, that you your willngness to be adventurous and active excites her. I am sure that there is a new spark in her eye that you have created, a new passion for life that you have inspired. And for that, I thank you because this is what my little sister deserves. And here is where I decided during the ceremony that I had to edit this speech. I realize during the ceremony that I would also have to say, this light from Bonnies eyes must also be contagious, because I saw it in your eyes today Warren, and that makes me so happy for the two of you. And in return, there is no doubt in my mind, that she will provide to you a level of determination and dedication that will bolster the strength of your marriage, that will sustain your Love through every up and more importantly, every down. Love is not a cliche, it is work, it is fun and a happy marriage will be the best journey of your life. Let’s raise a toast and celebrate the beginning of this journey for Mr. And Mrs. Warren White.

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