Playing Chess Online

As beginning chess players, how serious about improving are we when we sit down to play chess? What are the real benefits to playing chess online? In this video, we try to educate our viewers about this controversial topic. Chess Made Fun takes a “technology off” approach to make a case for playing chess over the board, and why the benefits to new chess players are found there rather than online.

Published by Mr. White

I began playing chess in 2008 with new rhythm in life, and then passion in the fight against cognitive dysfunction and memory loss in aging communities. With attention to stronger family bonds, I have worked to build a presence that I truly hope will bring lasting partnerships with aging communities in multi-generational living settings commonly called the "sandwich generation" of baby boomers. Chess Made Fun has networked with chess educators and enthusiasts to better understand product applications, and developed programs that build on what groups can do naturally. Opportunities have included Compassionate Care Hospice, Medford Care Center and Rachel’s Wish Foundation. If you see potential here, or have interest in holistic therapies, I stay active in recreation therapy, educational psychology and geriatrics. ♟ Find me at local chess tournaments, disc golf and ball golf outings.

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