How to Play Chess Through Social Distancing

Has your local chess club stopped hosting chess play or tournaments?

Do you feel lost playing chess online with random opponents?

Do you miss playing chess with your family and friends?

There are lots of websites and mobile apps to play chess online. Playing random opponents does take away from the personal interaction over the board play offers.

Chess Made Fun recommends playing chess over the board with your family at home. Intergenerational play is important to help foster mentorship. If kids are only playing with other kids online they sometimes miss out on valuable lessons. 

We recommend the below mobile apps and websites to play on with your family, friends or players in your community online. is a loved website and mobile app in the chess community. Some of the benefits include

  • Free account or Paid Subscription Plan
  • Online learning through lessons, puzzles and puzzle rush
  • Chat and message other players
  • Setup a Club for your local club members
  • You may also choose random opponents from around the world to play chess with
  • Allows you to play timed games or gives up to 14 days to make a move is run by but only for coaches, parents and younger players. Some of the benefits include

  • Free account or Paid Subscription Plan
  • An app designed for kids to safely play kids from around the world
  • Solve puzzles to improve your game (paid subscription)
  • Watch video lessons from chess masters (paid subscription)
  • Battle bots to become a champ
  • Parents have full control over kids account
  • Parents/Coaches can setup a club for local members to play each other (You can have matches, a leaderboard, and send messages to your students within ChessKid.)

Chess with Friends is a mobile app that can be downloaded and linked to your Facebook account. Some of the benefits include

  • Free mobile app (Paid ad free version)
  • Find friends and family on Facebook to play chess with
  • You may also choose random opponents from around the world to play chess with
  • Play multiple games at the same time
  • Chat with your friends or opponents
  • Must be 13+ to play

Chess Made Fun recommends these mobile apps by age group.  These apps are made for kids to learn how to play chess.

0-4 years:

We do not recommend children this young to play chess through a mobile app. Invest in the book, Chess is Child’s Play, for mini games to play at home with your kids. This age range is perfect for chess-themed toys, books and cartoons. Checkout this YouTube playlist for some cartoons we hope your kids will enjoy.

5-10 years:

Dinosaur Chess (Paid App)

  • Is a fun way to learn and play chess
  • 11 lessons
  • 20 mini games and puzzles

Fritz and Chesster (Paid App)

  • Join Prince Fritz and his cousin Bianca learn how to play chess, then test and increase your knowledge in a whole range of exciting games and situations.
  • Promotion of memory, math, verbal reasoning as well as the development of critical thinking, creative thinking and socialization are among the many benefits of playing the sport of kings.
  • 18 Standalone mini-games
  • Multiple players can log in with different names and play independently

10-15 years:

Chess+ (Really great for older kids and adults as well)

  • The most advanced chess training mobile app. Improve your skills, learn tactics and strategies
  • Hundreds of levels
  • Thousands of exercises
  • Is free to play but you can purchase some optional in-game items
  • Can also connect to Facebook

We hope during this unique time for us all with Social Distancing chess can become a fun family activity for everyone to play at home. If you don’t know how to play chess check out our YouTube channel for some mini-games you may start with. Look to see if your kids may join their local chess club online, reach out to their coach for help.

Let us know in the comments what websites and mobile apps you like to play and learn chess?

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