International Chess

The White’s are going international, well just for the holidays. We are fortunate to be taking a cruise to the Western Caribbean with Warren’s immediate family for Christmas this year!

We are looking forward to our next adventure and playing chess in the warm weather again! Where will you be playing chess this Christmas?

We wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years! ❤️

Time With Your Child

When we recommend games for your family we’re not recommending more toys to clutter your child’s closest or playroom.

We encourage you to have special activities or games your child gets to play with just you or the whole family. It is this time they cherish the most because they get to do it with you.

Most of our IQ games are solo but if you sit down, help and watch your child play you will be amazed at what you learn. What problems they run into, how they analyze outcomes, and the resolutions they are able to find!

Some times playing games gets competitive but if we slow down we learn so much more!

Even if you can only block off 15 minutes every other day the learning benefits will help them for years to come. Make sure to put away all devices so there are no unnecessary distractions!

Toddler Chess

If your 2-5 year old isn’t interested in playing chess with you, put the chess board away! We recommend instead teaching about castles, queens, kings, knights etc., we have added some Melissa and Doug items that work for us! Some of these can be found at your local toy stores.

You can also let them dress up as there favorite chess piece (we will be adding costumes next year) or get them a cool chess t-shirt or onesie to add excitement!

If they are interested in Chess it is still good to add some fun into their lesson time. You can purchase “Chess is Child’s Play” to learn mini games to play with children as young as two!

Hope everyone is enjoying the start to the holiday season! Cheers!

“Teaching Chess Step by Step”

One reason I love “Teaching Chess Step by Step” is the activities and exercises starts with the pawns game.  Warren and I use this teaching method for players that are just learning chess for the first time.

Starting with all 32 pieces that have different movements can be overwhelming.  Starting with just the pawns teaches players how pawns move, capture and their special power of promotion.

Once our players understand pawn movements we then start to introduce the other pieces until the player understands how each piece moves.

The other courses in “Teaching Chess Step by Step” are easy to understand.  Any school athletics coach or senior center activities director can use this set to teach players of all ages the fun and rules of chess! Book 2 has plenty of pages you can copy and hand out to the class or group.


The Kasparov Chess Foundation
Three-volume Series

by Igor Khmelnitsky, Michael Khodarkovsky
and Michael Zadorozny

The most thorough and complete curriculum for teaching chess!

Family game night getting boring?

Spice it up a little with a recent game “Pie Face”. Should be called Pie in your face.

When my nieces first asked me to play I was hesitant! After a few rounds all the adults and children were sitting around the table counting clicks just waiting in anticipation to see who would be the next one with a face full of cream!

I definitely recommend cheap cream and having a lot of towels handy! Sometimes kids just want to laugh instead of playing thinking games! As a family we could all use more reasons to laugh together!

Available for purchase on our website!


The White’s have a baby!

Having a baby we have so enjoyed watching her achieve new milestones! Some of the toys she chooses to play with surprises me.

Before becoming a mom I would always try to find gifts that excited my nieces and nephews, but now getting to see what my daughter chooses to play with at 11 months old blows my mind.

She prefers plastic colorful objects or wooden! Colorful strings and tags are the first thing she notices. I thought the toys with sound would attract her more but no!

We have known we were going to introduce her to chess around 2 but she started noticing us playing chess around 10 months. She wants the pieces, she likes to take them on and off the board! She loves most to taste them! 🙂

Maybe we will have a third chess enthusiast in our family!

Marietta and Kennesaw Chess Family Fun

Our first Chess Square One, designed for absolute beginners, children and their (grand)parents.

“I think our society would benefit in many ways if parents spent the time to teach their children chess. The bonding experience alone is amazing and the skills kids get from the game will help them in life. Plus their immediate schooling would be enhanced,” Laura Sherman, Tampa, FL, author of Chess is Child’s Play.

Chess Square One idea is this, it provides (grand)parents – even those who are not familiar with chess yet – with a simple and effective method (I developed for Kennesaw State University) for teaching their kids, plus free counseling and mentoring down the road!

This is a great way everybody spends some quality time together, family bonding and having fun. Think Family Game Night! Leave your digital devices alone for a short while and have some real good time together.

Tell your family and friends about this great (and free) opportunity to learn the basics of chess, the best game ever invented.

To promote chess and make it accessible to more people, we will be rotating places and times, covering north and northwest of metro Atlanta: Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Vinnings, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta (let me know if you may have in mind a specific place and time for organizing Chess Square One in your neighborhood!).

Good chess to you all!

coach Momir

Let’s talk paws …

Warren and I decided to adopt a dog after moving into our apartment community in Alpharetta, GA.  As dog lovers we knew adoption was the right option for us.  Like many things, we were thorough in our search visiting multiple shelters throughout the metro Atlanta.

The task of timing our search with Warren’s birthday a few years ago allowed plenty of time to research the proper dog training techniques and resources I thought might be best for our small two-bedroom apartment we occupied back then.

With only 30 minutes to closing at the Cobb County Humane Society — even after looking for two weeks — nothing could have prepared us for Kelly.  As soon as Kelly looked into my eyes, I immediately called Warren over. When he stepped around the corner he looked at her and said, “what do we need to do to adopt her?”.

With house training on the list of details — we didn’t even hesitate.  I love it when Warren and I make these decisions together.  It makes me feel proud.

Kelly has been an amazing pet and friend.  She is always greeting us at the door and waiting for us to put on our shoes. When we grab the leash she gets so excited she can barely stand it. She loves to curl up next to us when we are playing chess or relaxing.

Our dog Kelly has offered us unconditional love and in return she has it pretty easy 🙂

Chess Coach Needed in Atlanta

I know a reputable chess instructor who would like to add at least one new chess coach to work four afternoons per week to assist with chess in after-school programs.  Program times differ for each school, but only require being onsite each day for 1 1/2 hours.

The pay is weekly and private chess lessons will be offered to the person selected. Coaching candidates must be able to pass a school required background check and have experience working with groups of children.  Strong communication skills are a must.  These coaches must also be reliable.  Chess afternoon programs are set by each school and typically are 20 weeks per year.

The chess instructor also has summer camps that offer extra hours a few weeks in June and July.  If you are interested send me a brief description of your experience to

Please also pass along a resume and availability Monday – Friday.  I will pass your information on to the chess instructor hiring for this position.


The Starting Line

Warren and I have stepped up to the starting line. We recently took a vacation back to Georgia! Upon coming home we have decided it is time to get our priorities in order.  First things first we need to get back in shape. One thing my family has always supported is a healthy life style. Fitness and Mental!

I remember in my early 20’s watching my sister completing the Chicago Marathon and thinking…. Wow!!! I was so proud of her.  When I decided to start jogging she was there to help me along.  I completed my first 12k with my sister, brother-in-law and family friend in St. Peter

sburg Florida.  Probably the best road trip I took that year. Marie and I then took a sister’s road trip to Nashville Tennessee and completed my first half Marathon! The moral of this story is — if I can do it so can most others.  It took a little training, time and determination.  I did decide that day 13.1 miles was a good milestone for me.  A full marathon was not my next goal.

Skinny is not a word in my body’s vocabulary.  Getting in shape however really did my body good!  Warren and I have been a pretty active couple compared to many.  Eating right, jogging, biking, and swimming has somehow been pushed aside these last few years since moving into our first apartment.  All of the top chess coaches I know emphasize that getting a brain workout everyday is important.  Just as important as getting one’s fitness workout in too.  Most top chess teams during competitions and training workout together.  I thought this was interesting when I first learned of it!  Now I understand it much better.  For the mind to con

centrate for long periods of time, the physical body plays a vital role supporting it.

I am a coupon lover!  I enjoy seeing daily deals from Groupon, Living Social and Amazon.  With a tight budget coupons even tend to feel more like window shopping these days.  Warren and I were so happy when we got back to New Jersey and received a daily deal from amazon for Escape Fitness.  This gym is only 5 minutes from our apartment and the deal included; 1 fitness assessment, 4 personal training sessions and 10 fitness classes.  This sounded like an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Yesterday we stepped up to the starting line with our personal trainer Alisha to complete our fitness assessment.  Did we pass? I think so because this journey will improve with time and taking the test was just the first step.  Saturday morning will be our first training session.  I look forward to recovery on Sunday.

Half Marathon Front
Probably the best road trip I took that year. Marie and I then took a sister’s trip to Nashville Tennessee and completed my first half Marathon! The moral of this story is — if I can do it so can most others.

Anniversary getaways


Some people can say I started my week with a “Case of the Monday’s”. I have been struggling with some pretty life changing decisions with hopes of Warren and I to do well. The last few weeks have been a little tough to say the least. Such is Life! Something reminded me of our Wedding Day.

With this fall approaching fast. What are Warren and I going to do on our anniversary? It seems living in the North East and finding stable income would be easy.

Such is Life! I remember that on our special day. Due to budget constraints and logistics issues. There was not enough time for speech’s. Thankfully my older sister always came through as promised.

For any interested readers. Let me share the wedding speech she wrote on my behalf. I love you Marie! I can’t wait to see Lexi, Brent and you soon!

As Yvonne’s older sister, I have had the pleasure of knowing Bonnie her whole life. Those that were actually there when she came into this world unanimously say the same thing. The first thing you noticed about Yvonne was her bright blue full of life beaming eyes. Little did anyone just know how much a foreshadow that would be of the passion and zest for the way she lives life, and the way she cares for those she loves in life. I would dare say those that know Yvonne may also use the word “determined” to describe her at times. My little sister doesn’t back down. One of her most admirable traits: when she believes in something, or someone, you can count on her to not only to be by you side, but to fight for you with all of her enormous heart. Anyone that knows Yvonne is truly blessed to have her in your corner. Well today, we are here to talk about a new light in her eyes, and a new determination. Warren, from the day you met Yvonne, she beamed when she spoke about you. Was it love at first sight for the two of you? Well I’m not sure about that, but I am sure that you have always challenged her, that you your willngness to be adventurous and active excites her. I am sure that there is a new spark in her eye that you have created, a new passion for life that you have inspired. And for that, I thank you because this is what my little sister deserves. And here is where I decided during the ceremony that I had to edit this speech. I realize during the ceremony that I would also have to say, this light from Bonnies eyes must also be contagious, because I saw it in your eyes today Warren, and that makes me so happy for the two of you. And in return, there is no doubt in my mind, that she will provide to you a level of determination and dedication that will bolster the strength of your marriage, that will sustain your Love through every up and more importantly, every down. Love is not a cliche, it is work, it is fun and a happy marriage will be the best journey of your life. Let’s raise a toast and celebrate the beginning of this journey for Mr. And Mrs. Warren White.