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Paulding Chess is Growing

We have enjoyed our introduction to chess at White Oak Park in Dallas, Ga on Fridays from 10a-12p. Our group is growing and we are thankful to everyone that has made it out.  There is nothing like a good game of chess at the park with friends. We are adding more days and times to our calendar this fall.   Come join the fun every other Tuesday starting on September 24th […]

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Paulding Chess

Join us Friday’s in August for an introduction to Chess. We are meeting at White Oak Park from 10am – 12pm at the pavilion in the back of the park. Ever wondered about the game of chess? If you’ve never had time to learn — now is a great time! We will introduce chess by talking a little about its history and benefits to those who are learning chess for […]

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International Chess

The White’s are going international, well just for the holidays. We are fortunate to be taking a cruise to the Western Caribbean with Warren’s immediate family for Christmas this year! We are looking forward to our next adventure and playing chess in the warm weather again! Where will you be playing chess this Christmas? We wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years! […]

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Top 75 Chess Blogs

With 2018 coming to an end we eagerly look forward to 2019 and what the new year will bring for Chess Made Fun. We are excited to make the list of top 75 Chess blogs to follow in 2019. Of course we owe each of you a big THANKS for reading and sharing our blog! If you are a chess enthusiast there are a lot of good blogs in this […]

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Time With Your Child

When we recommend games for your family we’re not recommending more toys to clutter your child’s closest or playroom. We encourage you to have special activities or games your child gets to play with just you or the whole family. It is this time they cherish the most because they get to do it with you. Most of our IQ games are solo but if you sit down, help and […]

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Toddler Chess

If your 2-5 year old isn’t interested in playing chess with you, put the chess board away! We recommend instead teaching about castles, queens, kings, knights etc., we have added some Melissa and Doug items that work for us! Some of these can be found at your local toy stores. You can also let them dress up as there favorite chess piece (we will be adding costumes next year) or […]

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“Teaching Chess Step by Step”

One reason I love “Teaching Chess Step by Step” is the activities and exercises starts with the pawns game.  Warren and I use this teaching method for players that are just learning chess for the first time. Starting with all 32 pieces that have different movements can be overwhelming.  Starting with just the pawns teaches players how pawns move, capture and their special power of promotion. Once our players understand […]

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Family game night getting boring?

Spice it up a little with a recent game “Pie Face”. Should be called Pie in your face. When my nieces first asked me to play I was hesitant! After a few rounds all the adults and children were sitting around the table counting clicks just waiting in anticipation to see who would be the next one with a face full of cream! I definitely recommend cheap cream and having […]

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The White’s have a baby!

Having a baby we have so enjoyed watching her achieve new milestones! Some of the toys she chooses to play with surprises me. Before becoming a mom I would always try to find gifts that excited my nieces and nephews, but now getting to see what my daughter chooses to play with at 11 months old blows my mind. She prefers plastic colorful objects or wooden! Colorful strings and tags […]

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Marietta and Kennesaw Chess Family Fun

Our first Chess Square One, designed for absolute beginners, children and their (grand)parents. “I think our society would benefit in many ways if parents spent the time to teach their children chess. The bonding experience alone is amazing and the skills kids get from the game will help them in life. Plus their immediate schooling would be enhanced,” Laura Sherman, Tampa, FL, author of Chess is Child’s Play. Chess Square […]

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Let’s talk paws …

Warren and I decided to adopt a dog after moving into our apartment community in Alpharetta, GA.  As dog lovers we knew adoption was the right option for us.  Like many things, we were thorough in our search visiting multiple shelters throughout the metro Atlanta. The task of timing our search with Warren’s birthday a few years ago allowed plenty of time to research the proper dog training techniques and […]

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