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Mrs. White

I'm a chess enthusist that loves the game!

    The Starting Line

    Warren and I have stepped up to the starting line. We recently took a vacation back to Georgia! Upon coming home we have decided it is time to get our priorities in order.  First things first we need to get back in shape. One thing my family has always supported is a healthy life style. Fitness and Mental! I remember in my early 20’s watching my sister completing the Chicago […]

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    Anniversary getaways

    Some people can say I started my week with a “Case of the Monday’s”. I have been struggling with some pretty life changing decisions with hopes of Warren and I to do well. The last few weeks have been a little tough to say the least. Such is Life! Something reminded me of our Wedding Day. With this fall approaching fast. What are Warren and I going to do on […]

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    “Chess is Child’s Play”

    With all of the chess literature developed through history and to date, any chess enthusiast knows there are countless resources available. It would seem that becoming a chess coach is an easy enough possibility. Becoming a chess coach with only basic knowledge of the game however can feel a bit more challenging.  Warren and I had the honor and good fortune of meeting and working with Carolina Blanco. Carolina is […]

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    National Chess Meetup Day

    Warren and I are always looking for local chess events that we can attend.  To our surprise there really aren’t too many!  There was a group that met at Barnes & Noble in Roswell.  That group stopped a year ago.  We noticed has partnered with to create a national chess meetup day.  We are excited to find an event located in our area! Starbucks is only 10 minutes […]

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    Tough Competition

    Since Warren taught me how to play chess, he decided it was finally time for me to play in my first rated Chess Tournament.  We traveled to the North Georgia Chess Center that is run by Joe Couvillion and his wife.  They have a rated tournament every Friday night. Upon first walking in the center I noticed lots of young chess prodigies waiting patiently to see who will be walking […]

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    The Early Days

    I remember when Warren and I were dating he would talk about this chess center that he enjoyed going to.  He mentioned a few tournaments he played where a younger kid might come close to beating him, so this is when he decided he was going to become a stronger player, take lessons and practice a lot more. The first thing he decided he could do to play more chess was […]

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