How to Play Chess Through Social Distancing

Has your local chess club stopped hosting chess play or tournaments? Do you feel lost playing chess online with random opponents? Do you miss playing chess with your family and friends? There are lots of websites and mobile apps to play chess online. Playing random opponents does take away from the personal interaction over theContinue reading “How to Play Chess Through Social Distancing”

What Games Help Kids Learn to Play Chess Faster?

Chess is a lot for kids to learn how to play.  If your child is learning chess at a rate slower than anticipated there are a few things you can do that will not only motivate them to learn quicker, but will also build learning fundamentals known as meta-cognition (learning to learn). Begin with chessContinue reading “What Games Help Kids Learn to Play Chess Faster?”

Our trip to the World Chess Hall of Fame

Back in 2011 we came across an image online of the World Chess Hall of Fame in the city of St. Louis, MO. As casual chess players learning about this sport for the first time, we knew little about the history of chess in America aside from the famous Marshall Chess Club in New YorkContinue reading “Our trip to the World Chess Hall of Fame”

When is a Good Time to Teach My Kid to Play Chess?

A few questions you may be asking yourself… What are benefits to teaching my child to play chess? When is a good time to teach my kid to play chess? Your situation could be… You are a parent who wants to see their kids unplugged from a device and having conversations over a chess board.  You home-school and are looking for a game that offersContinue reading “When is a Good Time to Teach My Kid to Play Chess?”

Teaching Chess to Kids – Top 5 Mistakes

Mistakes are easily made when teaching your child to play chess. In this video we transfer our knowledge learned over many games played with children. Avoid the frustration that can come from overwhelming your kids. Follow these simple guidelines that will take teaching your child to the next level. If you can relate to thisContinue reading “Teaching Chess to Kids – Top 5 Mistakes”

How to Play the Knights Game

Want to teach your child how to play chess? Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the pieces on the board. Learn how to play the knights game in this video. It is a simple game to learn and only takes 5 – 10 minutes to play. This is an excellent way to establish chess fundamentalsContinue reading “How to Play the Knights Game”