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Paulding Chess is Growing

We have enjoyed our introduction to chess at White Oak Park in Dallas, Ga on Fridays from 10a-12p. Our group is growing and we are thankful to everyone that has made it out.  There is nothing like a good game of chess at the park with friends. We are adding more days and times to our calendar this fall.   Come join the fun every other Tuesday starting on September 24th […]

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Paulding Chess

Join us Friday’s in August for an introduction to Chess. We are meeting at White Oak Park from 10am – 12pm at the pavilion in the back of the park. Ever wondered about the game of chess? If you’ve never had time to learn — now is a great time! We will introduce chess by talking a little about its history and benefits to those who are learning chess for […]

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Marietta and Kennesaw Chess Family Fun

Our first Chess Square One, designed for absolute beginners, children and their (grand)parents. “I think our society would benefit in many ways if parents spent the time to teach their children chess. The bonding experience alone is amazing and the skills kids get from the game will help them in life. Plus their immediate schooling would be enhanced,” Laura Sherman, Tampa, FL, author of Chess is Child’s Play. Chess Square […]

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Mentoring Madness

We want to let you know about a new group we organize in Atlanta called the Laboratory for Intergenerational Learning.  These are questions members wish to ask of one another: What style of learning would be most effective for your child, student, resident, patient or loved one? What physical, visual, motor or cognitive impairments are important to manage? Would a therapeutic recreational activity enhance your care setting or lifestyle in […]

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New Frontiers

I’ve been offered a lot of encouragement from the staff at a nursing center and family members to continue to grow our community outreach.  The center offers physical therapy and cares for patients who require a brief stay to recover from surgery.  The center also offers long-term care for those experiencing memory, mobility or other physical challenges.  Dedication and patience has been a key ingredient in working with these folks.  […]

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Chores Open Doors

Getting even one chance this year to visit my family in Texas has been tough.  Missing some important events earlier this year like my aunt’s funeral and my cousin’s wedding upset me quite a bit.  Something wonderful happened in June however.  My wife got a call from her Dad to let us know his frequent flyer miles were about to expire.  It so happened that he had enough credit to […]

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New Tricks In Their Final Stages

2010 was filled with emotion coming to grips with family members in risky health situations and even survival. My wife’s mother was recovering from major back surgery, and her grandfather was holding on after being diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer that year. Unfortunately, within a few months, Leonard passed away during the Christmas holidays, so this was a trying time for her family. The following summer, after she had some […]

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What’s Out There?

In a first of it’s kind research project called the Nun Study, a convent of nuns donated their brains to science to further the study of Alzheimer’s disease. Mentally active until death these women showed no visible signs of dementia despite brain scans with advanced chemical changes that cause Alzheimer’s. My wife and I are very interested in becoming active participants in the fight against cognitive dysfunction and memory loss […]

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