Yvonne White

Yvonne learned the amazing game of chess in 2009.  In the Spring of 2010 she attended a F.I.D.E. International training seminar, and obtained the title of Developmental Instructor.  She then began teaching chess in after-school programs and summer camps in Atlanta.  Not until that time did she begin to enjoy the full value of chess, and what the game has to offer to children and families.  From there she also volunteered with a hospice company teaching and playing chess with senior players.  As the Founder and CEO of Chess Made Fun, LLC she hopes to grow this beautiful sport within her community.  She is responsible for marketing communications, and also for carefully selecting products to be sold by the company.

Warren White

Warren began learning the wonderful game of chess at the Atlanta Chess Center.  The Atlanta Chess Center was not only a great way to socialize, but also offered affordable entertainment he so desperately needed during the recession of 2008.  He was also getting to know his then girlfriend Yvonne, and decided to introduce to her the game of chess.  Chess soon became their favorite pastime.  They enjoyed exploring the outdoors and always had a chessboard with them.  His new role now as acting CFO for Chess Made Fun, LLC helps the company evaluate growth opportunities and locate sources of funding.